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This site is managed by Iain MacKellar for his immediate family.

Other MacKellars, please contact me for space & e-mail addresses

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This site is still under construction
Iain MacKellar Iain MacKellar   iain@mackellar.org
Webmaster, Grandfather…
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Web sites : www.udf.info
  Calum MacKellar Calum MacKellar   calum@mackellar.org
Directeur of European Bioethical Research
Administrator of the Council of Europe,  
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Web site : www.bioethics.org.uk

  Kenneth MacKellar Kenneth MacKellar   kenneth@mackellar.org
Stage manager at Canal+
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Emmanuelle MacKellar   Emmanuelle MacKellar   emmanuelle@mackellar.org
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Zoe MacKellar Zoe MacKellar   zoe@mackellar.org
1st year secondary school
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Son site web
Lucie MacKellar Lucie MacKellar   lucie@mackellar.org
2nd year primary school
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Henry MacKellar Henry MacKellar   henry@mackellar.org
Last year pre-school
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Rob MacKellar Rob MacKellar   rob@mackellar.org
Grandfather… More
Pauline MacKellar Pauline MacKellar   pauline@mackellar.org
Grandmother… More
 Matthew MacKellar Matthew MacKellar   matthew@mackellar.org
Network Engineer… More
  Michelle MacKellar Michelle MacKellar  michelle@mackellar.org
Mother… More
Bradleigh MacKellar Bradleigh MacKellar  bradleigh@mackellar.org
Nicholas MacKellar Nicholas MacKellar  nicholas@mackellar.org
Christopher MacKellar Christopher MacKellar  christopher@mackellar.org

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